31.03.2018 Carved Wooden Fish Comments Off on Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

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The late Hugh Falkus

'the finest work I have ever seen' 
the late Hugh Falkus 

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    More than 100 years ago it was common for big Salmon to be carved because the taxidermy methods of the time could not adequately preserve the skin of such an oily fish. The carving of these fish became an art form in itself and they are much sought after today by collectors. My work continues that tradition incorporating a hand made work of art, the commemoration of a memorable event of a lifetime and the preservation of that memory as an heirlom that will remain through generations. Interestingly there has been an increase in demand due to the growing appreciation of the benefits of ‘catch and release’ to maintain healthy fish stocks; after the fish has been returned to the water alive it can be recreated as carving.


    If you would like to commemorate your fish all I need is a nose to tail measurement and a representative image. The cost of a carving is calculated by simply multiplying the length of the fish, in inches, by 50. That price includes the fish being carved to full size, painted to its original colours and mounted on an oak board with details of its capture.

    For example a 40 inch fish = £2000